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My Erasmus programme


I spent 2 weeks in London, it was my second time there, but this programme was different. It was amazing. I was sorrounded by friendly people from around the world. I met people from England, Spain, Italy and Romania.

This Erasmus programme is a really good programme for those who would like to get to know a new city while at the same time improving their language knowledge. London is a very big city, it’s multicultural. The public transport is perfect, I liked the double deckers, it was fun to travel it them because because it’s something we don’t have in Hungary.

The accomodation was in a college and I even had my own room, so it was perfect. Every morning we’d have interesting lectures to attend, while in the afternoon we had a variety of different tasks. Mainly we worked in a group, an international group and we solved the problems together. We had to make interviews with different people so we chose the big Waterloo station. There we found so many people and so we interviewed them.

Almost every day we went to the city centre of London and we visited the tourist attractions.

Well, the weather was sometimes rainy, but who cares? It’s the rainy London.

I really enjoyed these 2 weeks in London and I will always remember this Erasmus programme.

Daniel Grof, Kodolányi János Főiskola (Budapest)


Dear diary…


Dear diary,

I am going to talk about the time I spent in London taking my English course. Every time I think about it the word that comes to my mind is just “AWESOME”.  And why? Which are the reasons that made me have one of the best times of my life? It is easy to answer this question since everything there was great, but if I had to make a list from 1 to 5 this would be the chosen one:

  1. The place where we stayed was beautiful. The college was set in a very calm area and it was surrounded by huge gardens of grass and trees. The view was breathtaking and it was great to rest for a while lying on the green grass during the break.
  2. I was surprised when I came into my room. It was a single one and each of us had our own bathroom, which was very comfortable. Moreover, the rest of the facilities of the whole college were perfectly adapted to make our stay easy, apart from all of the staff who worked there that was very friendly and always ready to help.
  3. One of the things we were worried about were those fantastic English meals. Taking into account the common topic about the kind of food served in England we thought about fries, fries, fries, and… fries! I mean, fast food and, of course, no fruit in our daily diet. But we were wrong and this was great! We had the opportunity to enjoy very tasty and varied meals and, to our great surprise, fruit was found in all of our menus.
  4. I also enjoyed the opportunity of working with people from other countries during our classes and out of them. Mixing with foreign people who did not share the same language forced us to communicate in English, which enabled everyone in the school to improve their knowledge about it. From my point of view, it was great to check how two people from two opposed cultures could understand each other although sometimes our ideas collided. But this also helped us to open our minds and to be more respectful and understanding with everyone.
  5. And, finally, I have to mention the new friends I met in the school. I shared two fantastic weeks with people from three different foreign universities and my relation with some of them was great. I realized that they were people worth knowing. We sang, we danced, we shouted, we played, we cried, we  laughed together and this is what makes me wish I was with  Giulia, Daniel, Alessandra and some others right now!

But also I could not forget about my Spanish friends!   I spent most of the days with them visiting different places and having a fantastic time. In a park close to St Paul´s Cathedral I experienced one of the best moments of my stay in London. We were wandering around when we bumped into a music band that was playing some music with a piano. We had a chat with them and we asked them to play something for us, the song that transformed into the song of our trip to London: “True romance” by the Citizens. I was so happy to stay there and to meet so many new people that I started to cry! I was excited and I just thought that I did not want to come back to Spain because I felt comfortable, glad and in the mood of experiencing so many different great moments like the one of that fantastic day!

To summarize, the perfect definition of a splendid experience was Erasmus IP in St Mary´s University College, Twickenham.

Laura Sanchez CaballoSalamanca University

A wonderful summer in one of London’s top universities


Dear diary,

This Erasmus IP I attended in London this June was wonderful. I had a great time and I had the opportunity to experience a side of London I didn’t know: that of immigration and real life. Thanks to this program, I could look beyond the monuments and all the magic that surrounds this city and pay attention to the real London, the one who does not appear in the postcards.

However, without any doubt, the most precious thing I took back with me to Spain was the people I met there. Thanks to this program I had the opportunity to make new friends from other countries and now I am even studying Italian! I hope we meet again soon! Miss you all!    ; )

Alba Paez

When your dreams come true


I spent two weeks in London. Everything started with an e-mail in which I got the information about a possible trip to London, supported by the Erasmus program. This program does not include a whole semester it is „only” an intensive course which covers almost the whole day and the days of the whole week. We have applied for the program with the required details and we had an interview at school, fortunately lots of students are going to abroad and for festivals during the summer from this reason we had enough place to win the support for this program in London. Our teachers opened a Facebook page where we started an exciting conversation about packaging and about the flight. We laughed a lot!

Our flight boarded later in the evening so the arriving happend in a very tired mood in a cold night and town. It was funny because we have started from almost 40 Celsius and a little bit later we had to have our pijamas, pullovers and all of the prepared warm clothes from the suitcases.

After we survived the first night our team was exhausted managed to get to the classroom. Let’s start the program! It has fulfilled all of my requirements all of my dreams came true and everything was perfect. We visited the most important museums, where we also got the opportunity to have guided tours, for free. The program included two meals every day and that was more than enough. Only one thing remains in my mind as a tiny bad experience. The city is very-very expensive, you don’t have chance to spare any money because of the tranportation prices. All in all, I really appreciated the program, the two weeks were packed with interesting activities and very engaging, too.

Thank you very much to all our teachers and coordinators!

Marianna Orban

Culture and diversity


The Intensive Erasmus Programme in London that took place from June 24th to July 7th, has been a wonderful experience for me! I had already been in London two years ago and only for a weekend, so this time I had the chance to enjoy this great city in its entirety. In fact, I could visit more museums, different neighbourhoods and find out many interesting details about its London’s history. Obviously, I was particularly impressed by its multicultural aspect…it can be said that all the cultures from everywhere gather in London to show their best! This can clearly be seen in Camden Town, one of the zones I loved more for its vitality and its touch of craziness. The experience at the St. Mary College University was very interesting for me too, since I have never been in a college before and it seemed to me like a movie! In addition, I had the opportunity to meet lots of nice people from other countries: together we did a great job! In my opinion, this is the most beautiful and constructive aspects of the Erasmus project, given that it gives you the opportunity of living a culture by meeting those who belong to it: it is much different than studying a book!

Tiziana Verde, BA student at Gregorio VII University in Rome

Shall we go hear a play?


We spent 10 wonderful days in London, this was my second time London, but this time I could see the city from a different point of view. First of all, everybody was impressed by its incredible history, what we can feel in every corner of London. The abundance of its art. I am sure that London has one of the greatest collections of the world. The amazingly enormously intricate net of the public transportation system. The diversity of people and the ethnical colours of London. On the other hand we had possibility to see behind the theme by the intresting lectures that we took. We were taught complex problems about London, its economy and population.

Apart from the lectures we were assigned induvidual tasks too. I am really intersted in gastronomy. I attended a Catering and Hotel Management degree course. We also had to make a presentation about the connection between the cultural diversity and the types of food in London. We visited the market in London. It was a very special experience for me. We tried every kind of food, they were delicious. We could feel the colourful ethnicity of London in their gastronomy as well. We did not spend the whole time with schooltasks. When we had freetime we visited the innercity of London. We tried to see all the most important sightseeing places, Piccadilly Circus, Hide Park, we also were in museums like the British Museum and the Tate gallery. We even hopped in the Globe theatre. I really enjoyed my time in London!

Roland Szimeiszter

Ruth Graggs I love thee


Hi, everybody!

This experience in London has been amaaaazing!

We had the possibility of living for two weeks in a big and multicultural city, a city where everybody would like to be!

For me, it has been a great experience, because it gave me the possibility to visit London, while knowing people from other countries and their culture and improving my English. It was lots of fun!

The workshops and lectures were really interesting and I was glad to attend them; the professors were really good, and the one I appreciated the most was Prof Ruth Graggs.

I also think that working with people from other countries and preparing the presentation with them was great and gave me the possibility of confronting myself with other cultures and learning a bit from everyone.

For these reasons, I want to thank all the people who shared this experience with me.

Silvia Cardinali, BA student at Gregorio VII University in Rome