My days in London


Well, I’m here. Just amazing!!!

London is a friendly place full of friendly people, although the weather is quite often rainy. London’s weather is what you might call “changeable”, here you can get 4 seasons in one day.

It is a multicultural city, everywhere you go you can meet people with a different language, different background and culture.  There are museums of every type history/nature/science, historic buildings, Churches, abbeys, castles, theatres, restaurants, night clubs, cinemas, and tourist attractions like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and London Zoo. Of course I couldn’t leave London without taking a photo of famous London Eye. On the shopping side, Westfield shopping centre seems to be most popular and Oxford Street is a definitely a ’’must-see’’.

One day, when I was walking around Piccadilly, my friends dragged me to a funny shop – M&M’s World. I know it’s not a real tourist place to visit but I was amazed by what marketing can do starting from 2 “candies”. This store is huge and if you like these chocolate candies even a little you should stop in. Here you can see huge cylinders filled with M&M’s of every colour; there are tons of cups, clothing and other objects with the head of the M&M’s. We had so much fun taking pictures of all the M&M characters. We couldn’t go out of it without buying at least a little souvenir, taking a lot of funny pictures and leave with a smile.

On another day, we went to Hyde Park, a place where people run to relieve stress from work and where squirrels ask you for some food. We had a break by the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which I think is a very interesting place. There’s really a calm atmosphere and there were lots of children and families enjoying the pools. It is good that people can use this memorial, also as something you can actually touch. It’s definitely worth seeing if you are in Hyde Park.

I’ll remember these days in London for all my life and I would absolutely like to come back here some time soon!!!


PgDip student at Roma Tre University


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