A positive experience in every single aspect


Dear diary,

I have enjoyed my Erasmus IP in London as a whole. It has been another challenging experience in my favourite place in Europe: London, that old city which has been a vortex for culture and people. The setting was ideal for a programme that had its standpoint on identities. It was the proper city to find out how people interact with the facilities that that complex city can bring to everybody, whether local, visitor or immigrant. Regarding to my group project, we surveyed locals and immigrants in order to create a chart based on their literacy in Literature – national and non national writers – as much as their knowledge and attendance to musicals. We did learn a lot and we also made someone’s day by interchanging ideas and knowledge.

Living in St. Mary’s University College for two weeks has been another interesting point to deal with. I have felt what is waking up in such a place, surrounded by nature, calm, and Father Thames. It was a nice area, a suitable one for a walk down the river to get Richmond.

The lectures brought us to an international environment where ideas and points of view from different nationalities came to enhance the melting pot.


Juan Córdoba Martínez

University of Salamanca


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