A student’s perspective


I had the chance to participate in the Erasmus IP Programme 2012 held in London thanks to my university, the School for Interpreters and Translator Gregorio VII, based in Rome. It was a challenging experience because I could practice English –while improving it- and I could make friends with people from other universities.

It was an unprecedented occasion to live in London and be part of such a big city. Moreover, the Olympics were close and there was a special atmosphere.  We also addressed this topic with a professor from St Mary University College who explained how the Olympics have changed the city from many points of view and showed us the main expectations of Londoners in this respect.

We also had the change to visit museums and go sightseeing. I really liked the National Gallery and the Victoria&Albert Museum. I hope to come back to London in order to visit them again and enjoy their art masterpieces.

I was really impressed by its multiethnic and multicultural nature. While walking around in the streets, it was amazing to see people from all over the world, often in traditional clothes.

It was my second time in London and finally I could really discover it with new friends from Italy, Spain and Hungary. So I hope to come back there and see more.

Maria Grazia Patania, PgDip student at Gregorio VII University and Prof Pierantonelli’s personal assistant


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