The journey is the destination


The road is long and, in the end…. the journey is the destination

This is a sentence I once heard in a film and, as time passes and as I learn more from life, I think it is completely right. When I decided to participate in the Erasmus programme in London I knew that it was going to be a long journey to London, my first destination, and then back home again. However, the most important, amazing and rewarding experience of all was the actual journey and the moments I lived between the time I left Spain and the time I came back home.

This Erasmus experience has been amazing and not only because I had never been to London before and because the lessons were very interesting, but mainly due to the fact that I had the opportunity of meeting some people who happened to become friends as time passed at the college. Since the very beginning of this experience I felt at home. I had the opportunity of staying in the college with some of my Spanish friends, but it was also very important for me to meet new people who have become real friends and who were very welcoming and friendly to all of us.

Special and worth remembering moments? There are quite a lot that come to my mind…The visits to London and Canterbury were amazing, especially the one to Canterbury. I am completely in love with that city because of its architecture and its medieval atmosphere.  One of the most wonderful moments I experienced was when we were at St. Paul’s Cathedral and there we met ‘Citizens’, a famous music group who played a song for us live! And I also remember all the time I spent with my Spanish friends and the new friends from the Erasmus watching the final football match between Spain and Italy and also all the moments we were together at the kitchen of the college having dinner, talking about our lives and having a really good time.

It was an amazing time and if I had the chance I would repeat the experience once more because it is full of opportunities and advantages, both academic and personal. You have the opportunity of visiting new places and practicing the foreign language in a native country. Furthermore, you meet new people with different views about life, different cultures, language and backgrounds and it is more than rewarding to meet new friends with different experiences to know yourself better and be more open-minded to all the opportunities that are awaiting you outside your own everyday world.

Miriam Pérez Veneros. PhD student at the University of Salamanca (Spain)


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