Striving for art


Like it is often the case, my time in London had both positive and negative aspects. Here, I’d rather mention what have been the most positive things for me. Some of them were so amazing that I just know I’ll keep them in my heart forever.

Getting to know new people from different countries and cultures was certainly a very important aspect of my experience, you get to know their different way of thinking, their culture. It was also very helpful, as I think it help me improve my level of English significantly – or at least I hope so! J

It surely was hard, I had to fight with my shyness, being “alone” in a big, multicultural city can be tough at times, but London surely is a very fun place to be and makes you forget all the problems you might ever have. The nightlife is amazing, every street is full of bars, pubs and the most modern and awesome clubs in Europe!

But it’s not only a fun city. There are also a lot of beautiful museums and sights to visit and – having a Master of Arts degree in Storia dell’Arte – this is something that is truly important for me. The lectures that we had every day were very interesting and I’d really like to thank our teacher Cinzia Pierantonelli for organizing most of the activities but also her assistant Rocco Massarelli, for helping her. The last evening we all spent together drinking beer and eating salmon at that fantastic restaurant are just some of the many things that have made my experience really precious. I would also like to thank all the students who took part in the project for making it such a wonderful experience!

Thank you for everything!

Roberta Vadalà, Art History graduate at Roma Tre University


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