My Erasmus programme


I spent 2 weeks in London, it was my second time there, but this programme was different. It was amazing. I was sorrounded by friendly people from around the world. I met people from England, Spain, Italy and Romania.

This Erasmus programme is a really good programme for those who would like to get to know a new city while at the same time improving their language knowledge. London is a very big city, it’s multicultural. The public transport is perfect, I liked the double deckers, it was fun to travel it them because because it’s something we don’t have in Hungary.

The accomodation was in a college and I even had my own room, so it was perfect. Every morning we’d have interesting lectures to attend, while in the afternoon we had a variety of different tasks. Mainly we worked in a group, an international group and we solved the problems together. We had to make interviews with different people so we chose the big Waterloo station. There we found so many people and so we interviewed them.

Almost every day we went to the city centre of London and we visited the tourist attractions.

Well, the weather was sometimes rainy, but who cares? It’s the rainy London.

I really enjoyed these 2 weeks in London and I will always remember this Erasmus programme.

Daniel Grof, Kodolányi János Főiskola (Budapest)


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