When your dreams come true


I spent two weeks in London. Everything started with an e-mail in which I got the information about a possible trip to London, supported by the Erasmus program. This program does not include a whole semester it is „only” an intensive course which covers almost the whole day and the days of the whole week. We have applied for the program with the required details and we had an interview at school, fortunately lots of students are going to abroad and for festivals during the summer from this reason we had enough place to win the support for this program in London. Our teachers opened a Facebook page where we started an exciting conversation about packaging and about the flight. We laughed a lot!

Our flight boarded later in the evening so the arriving happend in a very tired mood in a cold night and town. It was funny because we have started from almost 40 Celsius and a little bit later we had to have our pijamas, pullovers and all of the prepared warm clothes from the suitcases.

After we survived the first night our team was exhausted managed to get to the classroom. Let’s start the program! It has fulfilled all of my requirements all of my dreams came true and everything was perfect. We visited the most important museums, where we also got the opportunity to have guided tours, for free. The program included two meals every day and that was more than enough. Only one thing remains in my mind as a tiny bad experience. The city is very-very expensive, you don’t have chance to spare any money because of the tranportation prices. All in all, I really appreciated the program, the two weeks were packed with interesting activities and very engaging, too.

Thank you very much to all our teachers and coordinators!

Marianna Orban


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