London, a city where everyone is welcomed


The experience that I lived in London, thanks to the “Erasmus Intensive Programme 2011-2012”, was undoubtedly positive. The Saint Mary’s College is swathed in greenery, in a wonderful residential district close to beautiful villages such as Kingstone, Richmond and Twickenham. The room I was assigned was comfortable and suitable for a two weeks journey.

The Intensive Programme was interesting, even if, according to me, some issues could have been faced in a different way, fostering the students’ hands-on, while I noticed that the Spanish, Hungarian and Italian students were mostly apart and the practise of the foreign language was jeopardised.

I found the excursions scheduled by the University really interesting and useful, as we were just 40 minutes away from London.

In conclusion, I found this experience extremely useful, regardless of the academic or job expectations coming from the Erasmus Intensive Programme. In fact, this kind of experiences are firstly formative, as in this way people can grow and understand the world around them, coming in contact with other cultures and opening their mind to what is different and increasing their knowledge of the world.

Marta Mariano, BA student at Greogrio VII University in Rome


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