Shall we go hear a play?


We spent 10 wonderful days in London, this was my second time London, but this time I could see the city from a different point of view. First of all, everybody was impressed by its incredible history, what we can feel in every corner of London. The abundance of its art. I am sure that London has one of the greatest collections of the world. The amazingly enormously intricate net of the public transportation system. The diversity of people and the ethnical colours of London. On the other hand we had possibility to see behind the theme by the intresting lectures that we took. We were taught complex problems about London, its economy and population.

Apart from the lectures we were assigned induvidual tasks too. I am really intersted in gastronomy. I attended a Catering and Hotel Management degree course. We also had to make a presentation about the connection between the cultural diversity and the types of food in London. We visited the market in London. It was a very special experience for me. We tried every kind of food, they were delicious. We could feel the colourful ethnicity of London in their gastronomy as well. We did not spend the whole time with schooltasks. When we had freetime we visited the innercity of London. We tried to see all the most important sightseeing places, Piccadilly Circus, Hide Park, we also were in museums like the British Museum and the Tate gallery. We even hopped in the Globe theatre. I really enjoyed my time in London!

Roland Szimeiszter


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