Culture and diversity


The Intensive Erasmus Programme in London that took place from June 24th to July 7th, has been a wonderful experience for me! I had already been in London two years ago and only for a weekend, so this time I had the chance to enjoy this great city in its entirety. In fact, I could visit more museums, different neighbourhoods and find out many interesting details about its London’s history. Obviously, I was particularly impressed by its multicultural aspect…it can be said that all the cultures from everywhere gather in London to show their best! This can clearly be seen in Camden Town, one of the zones I loved more for its vitality and its touch of craziness. The experience at the St. Mary College University was very interesting for me too, since I have never been in a college before and it seemed to me like a movie! In addition, I had the opportunity to meet lots of nice people from other countries: together we did a great job! In my opinion, this is the most beautiful and constructive aspects of the Erasmus project, given that it gives you the opportunity of living a culture by meeting those who belong to it: it is much different than studying a book!

Tiziana Verde, BA student at Gregorio VII University in Rome


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